Japanese Kimono Silk Nightwear Line 'Twilight'

‘Twilight’ Silk Nightwear Line – Japanese Kimono

More than ever, people want to get creative and make things that show off their talents at the same time producing unique fashions and gifts. There was a time where we learned the skills of sewing as children through watching our mother’s and grandmother’s busily making new dresses for the girls and waistcoats for the boys, or knitting each child a sweater for the winter months. This is not the case anymore, as careers and the need to work to bring in the money has forced the culture to change.

A sweater for everyone! My Granny also knitted all our baby shawls...

A sweater for everyone! My Granny also knitted all our baby shawls…

Pattern Cutting & Sewing Workshop

Pattern Cutting & Sewing Workshop

For some years now, I have been working with individuals to help them gain the skills to help them be creative and proud of their efforts. I notice that many have some experience but that it was so long ago, they need a refresher course or they want to take their skills to the next level.


Katrina sewing up a fully lined fitted waistcoat

Katrina sewing up a fully lined fitted waistcoat

I currently offer private tuition, working one-to-one on personal projects, or one of the courses I teach. Working in this way means that I can work at the right speed for you and tailor the experience to your learning needs.







Here are some Projects I have worked on with clients:
• Making garments from a bought pattern – skirts, trousers, blouses
• Evening dress using drape & toile for a special occasion
• Copying a favourite design

my younger self producing soft furnishings in the 90's

my younger self producing soft furnishings in the 90’s

Here are the Courses offered that would allow you to design, draft and make a garment of your own design and to a specified measure:
• Pattern Cutting
• Drape & Toile
• Sewing Construction
• Finishing Techniques
• Cushions of all designs
• Slipcovers
• Curtains & Drapes
• Table Covers, runners and napkins

If you would like to learn some new skills or refresh your existing ones please contact me, Moira Thomson on:
mobile: 07715649423
email: thomson_moira@yahoo.co.uk

For further information: http://www.modi101.com


2 Responses to Home

  1. Alice McKain says:

    Hi Moira do you run any courses on a Monday evening?

    • modi101 says:

      Hi Alice,

      Greatest apologies for this very late reply. I am currently working at Edinburgh College of Art and unable to run courses at this time.

      I hope you have found another class that you can attend!

      Thank you for being in touch.

      Best Wishes


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